BRANDTOUR, Presenting you with a luxurious travel.

We’re looking for Brandtour crew with shining personality.

Brandtour does not look for people who shine on outside; we look for those with shining personalities. Brandtour is always open towards you.

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Hiring Process

Hiring in Brandtour is done through an open competition (newcomer/experienced), and the recruitment notices can be found in the Recruitment page,

Applying Process

Recruiting is done through open competition; you can apply on-line,


Field of work is the most important aspect in examination. Please make sure you apply after checking applicant qualification details and position.


  • Highest level performance bonus in the industry.
  • Performance bonus and additional reward (gift card) to best performer in meeting profit goals.
  • Free lunch.
  • Take your annual leaves without being nervous.
  • Long service break: Employees in service for three years or more get a day of break for every two years after a year.
  • Healing day: Employees in service for more than a year can leave work after morning shift on every first day of odd numbered months for a recharge.
  • Overtime pay and dinner provided when working overtime.
  • Aiming for the best office environment in the industry (high-end computers, dual monitors, wireless keyboard/mouse, wider desk/chair than other travel agencies).
  • Company dinners without pressure (dining location, for example family restaurant, is decided upon employees’ opinions).
  • Free snacks provided (including drinks, refreshments).
  • Birthday congratulations (with a small gift).
  • Cash gift support in family occasions: Brandtour supports you in life’s happy and sorrowful moments alike.
  • Year-end party: Partying in a hotel buffet or a restaurant.
  • We support your self-improvement! Self-improvement cost and book purchases supported.
  • Seminar: Promoting development in employees with various regular seminars including work-related ones.

We need Brandtour crew with shining personality

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